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Cool-de-Sac is an innovative collapsible ice bucket that can add a bit of fun and flair to any occasion. Whether you’re headed to a picnic where a bottle of perfectly chilled wine is an absolute necessity, or to a dinner party and are in need of a little something for your host, Cool-de-Sac presents a stylish, sleek alternative to cumbersome cooler bags and uninteresting gifts.

Cool-de-Sacs are made from recyclable, durable PVC and are easy to carry, even easier to store and are Proudly South African to boot.

Add half ice, half water and you’ve got yourself a convenient, portable, watertight ice bucket that’ll keep your drinks chilled and your friends impressed!

Cool-de-Sacs also have the added convenience of being able to double up as reusable packaging for gifts, whether it be for corporate clients or simply family and friends. In fact, Cool-de-Sacs make great gifts on their own! They’re available in a variety of colours and styles, may be branded to suit your/company’s specifications and can be personalized with a variety of little trinkets, trims and tags.

Rest assured, there’s a Cool-de-Sac for everyone!

Cool-de-Sac bags are ideal for all branding purposes.

Bag colours can be changed or flood coated to suit everyone’s unique requirements.

Any logo may be printed onto the bags; prices will be calculated based on amount of colours used within a logo.

Logos must be provided in PDF format, alternatively the logos can be redrawn at an additional cost.

Blind embossing is possible on selected Cool-de-Sacs at an additional cost.

There is an estimated production time of 2-3 weeks following final artwork approval and confirmation of the order.

Orders will only be confirmed after full payment has been received.

Each branded Cool-de-Sac order will be quoted for according to the individual specifications of said order.

Lifestyle Range

With Cool-de-Sac’s Lifestyle Range, the standard ice bucket is given a chic edge and a sharp finish.

The Lifestyle Range epitomizes classic elegance, and these bags will look fabulous whether they are swinging gently by your side as you’re weaving through a crowd, or adding pizzazz to your Al Fresco table setting.

Thrifty Range

Although the Thrifty is considered to be Cool-de-Sac’s entry-level range, no compromises have been made when it comes to quality or aesthetics. The Thrifty Range focuses on stylish simplicity.

These Cool-de-Sacs are fun and funky without being flashy, so while your Thrifty bag will give you the same practicality as our more elite ranges, it comes at a lower cost to you.

Short Boy Range

Cool-de-Sac’s Short Boy Range is as cute and quirky as it sounds.

The Short Boy is a hardier ice bucket and can be closed by a click of its stainless steel studs and carried by a sturdy “grip” handle.

Simply give the side panel a tug and a twist and you’ll have an uber-cool water, juice, sangria, Pimms (the list is endless) dispenser.

Tall Boy Range

Our Tall Boy Range is for the discerning wine carrier. This Cool-de-Sac range is perfectly suited as an executive gift – insert a phenomenal bottle of vin rouge and the recipient of this package will be well impressed.

And if you prefer to take your own favourite wine along to a restaurant or event, the Tall Boy comes in handy as the perfect travelling companion.

Fat Boy Range

The Fat Boy Range is big, bold and boisterous.

Cool-de-Sac does sometimes abide by the “bigger is better” rule, and this is how the Fat Boy Range came into being.

What if you want to carry or chill 2 bottles of wine at once, or have to put a bulky bottle of champers on ice?


Frosty 6 Range

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold beer on a hot summer’s day?

No one, that’s who. Cool-de-Sac recognises that sometimes just a good old fashioned cold one is in order, and because we aim to please, say hello to the Frosty 6 Range of beer coolers.

Not much bigger than the 6 pack it’ll hold!

Mini Ice Bucket Range

Here at Cool-de-Sac we like to cover all our bases, so a mini collapsible PVC ice bucket just seemed like the next logical step.

These little gems can be used to hold ice for your wine, to keep your cans of iced tea, well, iced, or just to chill your water bottle on the beach.


Branding and Personalization


Cool-de-Sacs may be branded with the logo of your choice. We can use up to 4 different colours in the artwork and will ensure that your logo is accurately represented.

With our beautifully branded Cool-de-Sacs, your brand identity will definitely be given a boost. Please call us to discuss you individual needs and to request a detailed quote.


All of our Cool-de-Sac Ranges can be manufactured with clear sleeves into which you can easily insert anything from menus and wine lists to photographs to marketing information for product launches.

Or you can simply hand these personalized Cool-de-Sacs out to your employees with a little message of thanks for a year of hard work and achievement.


Even though Cool-de-Sacs are just perfect as they are, we’re always looking at ways to make our ice buckets more interesting and worthy of your attention.

We now offer accessories that add a bit of bling (beaded bracelets), fabulosity (faux fur) and functionality (key rings and branded coasters).

And if you can think of anything else, just let us know and we’ll bring your idea to life!

Contact Us

Cool-de-Sac is Cape Town based but we can courier your order to anywhere in South Africa, whether you’re in Jozi or Upington.

We also have an export license, so don’t let silly things like oceans and continents stand between you and your Cool-de-Sac!

Or take a minute to fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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